Gulbrúnn leirpottur
hæð 19 cm, þvermál á opi 14 cm
þvermál þar sem breiðastur 22 cm
Möguleiki að sérpanta stærri potta í sama  stíl.
Vatn gæti seitlað í gegnum leirinn.

Burnt orange and earthy tones add warmth and a calming atmosphere. If you need that in your home, this clay planter called Khap is a wonderful choice. With its simplistic, handmade design and glaze with subtle detailing, it underpins the relaxing feel of the colour and shape. The saucer doubles as a lid if you feel like switching it up and using the planter for storage from time to time. Combine it with the larger Khap planters from House Doctor for a cohesive look in your home décor. The planter does not have a drainage hole at the bottom. This handmade item has a rustic look and is porous. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that it is completely waterproof. To prevent damage to your surfaces, use a saucer, place the planter on a pad or use an insert.